At Pragati we take up customized fabrication projects for stone surfaces. We are equipped to handleallassignments for single, bulk or export orders. All our value additions, cutting, edge profiling and lamination are done at our inhouse facility in Bangalore, India.

Why choose Pragati?

Business Ready

We offer ready samples and specially designed display stands to our Overseas and Indian architects, interior designers, contractors and builders.

One stop shop

We take up complete project right from conceptualization, through designing, measurement, fabrication, transportation and installation.


We have a huge knowledge base and industry professionals who have been working with us for over20 years!

Know How

We suggest different materials based on their natural characteristics for the application you have in mind.

Materials we work with




Primastone and other brands

Solid Surface

Corian and other brands

Unique Edge Moulding

The most important Part of a stone fabrication is the Edge profile. We grind and polish the edges of the counters to give beautiful finishes like full round, half round, ogee, and the others shown in the image. For thinner materials, we use laminated and mitred edges to give them a thick and opulent look. The laminated edges can be profiled to offer different shapes.

We make the following

fabrication Images

These are just some of the projects we have completed, contact us to explore our design range.